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Lots of Updates
September 11, 2008
We havent blogged for a few weeks because we where very busy. A lot of interesting stuff is going on.
The Akademy keynote presentation was a big success. My ideas where very well received. We release the open collaboration services spec and implemented the api on all of our websites. At the moment we are working together with Novell and other projects to implement our Social Desktop vision. A proof of concept implementation is already working. If you are interested in working with us please contact me. You find the draft 3 of the specification here and my keynote presentation here

We have a new advertising partner for germany. Please contact Netpoint Media of you want to buy adspace for the german market. We have 8.5 Million page impressions per month from germany and over 60 million page impressions worldwide at the moment.

We have two new colleagues here at hi v e 01. A big welcome to Nadine and Daniel.
We are moving in a new office at October. We have more space and a nice atmosphere there. I will post fotos and the new address soon.

We also launched a few new websites in the last few weeks. We have LinuxMint-Art.org a community for the popular Mint Linux Distribution, Frugalware-Art.org for Frugalware Linux and UIQ-Look.org a theming community for the UIQ Mobile Phone Userinterface.

We upgraded our server cluster again with an additional 8 core machine. So we have enough hosting capacity for the holiday season.

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