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openDesktop.org launches free job board
November 11, 2008
Last week we launched a free job board on openDesktop.org, the network portal for open source and IT specialists around the world.

The job board is completely free - both to those listing jobs and those looking for jobs. We will finance the job board with advertising and sponsorships.

openDesktop.org is the leading portal in a network of 30 open source websites with 110,000 registered users in 100 different countries and over 80 million page views per month. The job board is visible on all websites in the network, meaning a job listed on one, is automatically and immediately displayed on all the other sites in the network.

The outstanding feature of the job board is its simplicity - jobs are listed with a few clicks and jobseekers search the available jobs per country and category.

Other reasons why we expect it to turn into a strong recruitment tool: Jobseekers can easily present themselves as candidates, by uploading their resumes, while employers can look at resumes of candidates, examples of their work (uploaded applications) and the networks candidates belong to - all with just a few clicks on openDesktop.org.

The USP of our job board, is that jobseekers are at the same time members of our global open source community, giving employers access to more than just resumes.

Every day more than 100 newly-built and valuable applications and designs are uploaded to openDesktop.org, for others to download and use at no cost.

Over time the job board might mutate into a "job and project board". We expect it to become a popular place for community members to outsource jobs, such as logo designs. Developers might also search for project members, or for experts to market newly-built applications. The board might even be used to search for business partners, or project financiers. In short, we hope it'll turn into a multi-purpose job board.

Community members typically stay on the portal for an extraordinary long time: On average 6 million visitors view 80 million pages per month, for an average page view per visit of 13. The job board should push the average page views per visit even higher.

To date the most popular activities on the network portal openDesktop.org have been searching and downloading new applications, participating in discussion groups and messaging members. Searching for jobs should become another popular activity in future.

The job board is the first of a number of new features and tools we plan to launch on openDesktop.org in coming months.

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