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Are you looking for ideas for a new platform and need advice on how to harness the power of user-generated content? Do you have problems concerning the scalability of your web application? You you want to integrate Web 2.0 functions in your existing website?
Our consultants will help you. They have more than 10 years of expert experience with online-communities, high traffic web applications and content management systems.

We have launched many successful portals ourselves and have also worked with clients to make their online ventures a success.
Our employees have wide-based experience of building online communities, managing high-traffic websites and building content management systems. Both at h i v e 01 and former companies.

we have experience of:

  • designing sophisticated ajax-enabled web applications
  • flash/html chat systems
  • community development, management, promotion and marketing
  • establishing innovative platforms for user-generated content
  • finding performance bottlenecks
  • improving the scalability of your web applications
  • operation and monitoring of high-traffic websites.

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