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The Open-PC will use openSUSE and KDE (english)
September 24, 2009
During the first openSUSE Conference in Nuernberg announced Frank Karlitschek that the Open-PC initiative will use KDE as Desktop Environment and will be build on top of openSUSE. The aim of this ambitious project is to cooperatively design a Free Software based computer by and for the community. Read on for more information about this initiative from the team.

The project was initiated in response to the lack of quality in the Free Software-based hardware solutions currently on the market. As many reviewers and end-users have stated, the pre-installed software used by hardware vendors generated a bad image for Free Software with potentially interested end-users. Much of the software was buggy and not widely tested and device drivers were often unstable, non-free or not available at all. The Open-PC projects wants to change this.
Open-PC.com project releases today the results of the first user survey. From the over 12.000 users who participated at the survey 48% voted for KDE as default desktop, 42% voted for GNOME and 9% voted for Xfce. Firefox and Amarok where also choosen from the community as Browser and Mediaplayer. Today starts the second user survey with more questions. The Open-PC.com website was updated to be the central place for the community to discuss and work together an this initiative.
Today. We also announce that the Open-PC operating System will be build on top of the great openSUSE distribution. The reason is that SUSE delivers great tools like the openSUSE Build Service or SUSE Studio to build the Open-PC operating system in a collaborative way.

We are sure that we, as a community, can pool our resources and creativity and avoid common mistakes. The goal of the Open-PC project is to develop a powerful, high quality Free Software based PC in an open fashion. We believe that opening up the development of a personal computer, setting our own goals and boundaries and expanding on the knowledge of thousands will result in a superior product.
A final price of $300 to $400 is our current goal, assembly and international shipment included. As an unbeatable advantage we promise to deliver compatible hard- and software, a preinstalled AppStore client and integrated online services for community support.
A large hardware vendor has already signaled its cooperation and more corporate partners are welcome. We can be contacted through the official web site Open-PC.com. First computer deliveries are planed for 2009.
The online poll and the Open-PC presentation can be found on Open-PC.com

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