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openDesktop.org rocks with 200,000 downloads per day (english)
December 3, 2008
openDesktop.org, the meeting place for Linux desktop users and IT experts, recently broke through the 200,000 downloads of free software and artwork per day barrier.

Frank Karlitschek, founder of openDesktop.org, ascribed the download frenzy to two factors. "Firstly, the library on openDesktop.org of free software and artwork has grown exponentially and now stands at 62,000 applications, artwork and documents. Secondly, new applications and artwork are added at the rate of about 100 per day. The size of the library and the fact that new stuff is added daily, are pulling the crowds," he said.

openDesktop.org receives 5.7 million visitors per month. They view on average 14 pages per visit for a total monthly page view statistic of almost 80 million.

"To date the financial markets crisis hasn't impacted negatively on us. In fact, up- and download activity has increased in the wake of the crisis," said Karlitschek.

Registration is only required for users intending to upload applications, artwork and documents to the portal. To date 120,000 users have registered.

Users do not only come to upload, browse and download applications. They also network with other open source developers and IT experts in groups and on forums. Users leave profiles send messages and browse the free job and project board.

About openDesktop.org:

The story of openDesktop.org began in 2001, when Frank Karlitschek (35) started KDE-Look.org as a community site for the K Desktop Environment (KDE). In 2003 he launched a portal for KDE applications and named it KDE-Apps.org. Upon the request of the GNOME community he launched GNOME-Look.org a few weeks later. More requests were received from free software projects and everytime another portal was launched. By 2006 there were over 20 portals - all sharing the same infrastructure and user database. In 2007 the content of all the sites were aggregated on a single portal called openDesktop.org. Since then users of all the portals have been meeting friends, creating groups, exchanging messages and micro-blogging on openDesktop.org.

openDesktop.org is a free community portal. The hosting and other costs are covered by advertising and sponsorships. Although KDE and GNOME is prominent on the portal, openDesktop.org is independent and offers a home to all free software projects.


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