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Twitter is yesterday: Enter the live photo diary Camheroes.com (english)
December 22, 2008
Four clicks and your family and friends on the other side of the world can see what you've just experienced.

That became possible with the launch this week of Camheroes (www.camheroes.com), a unique online diary which enables friends and family to keep track of each other, as they go through their day, by posting photos on Camheroes. From their computers at home, or from their mobile phones in the deepest jungle in Africa.

At this stage only iPhone users can post from their phones, but other smart phones wil be added soon. iPhone users must download a free Camheroes application in the iPhone Apps Store, before they can start posting photos to the Camheroes portal.

And it's takes only four clicks. One click to take the photo, and three more to post it on Camheroes for the world to see. The best part: As soon as a new photo is posted on Camheroes, e-mails are automatically sent to family and friends to notify them - making Camheroes a live photo diary. The friends may view the photo by clicking on a link in the e-mail. They may even leave a comment on the portal.
Camheroes is completely free. Users set up profile pages and invite family and friends to also set up profile pages. Then they post photos to the portal in one of two ways - from their computer at home, or the office. Or from their mobile phones, wherever they are at the time - having lunch with an old friend, in the night club, or in a football stadium during the 2010 FIFA Football World Cup.

"Camheroes enables people to share their everyday lives with family and friends - even when they are far away from each other," says Frank Karlitschek, co-manager of Camheroes. "Camheroes is not a place for art, or professional photographs. It's a portal for sharing your everyday, funny, or interesting photos with family and friends," he adds.

Camheroes was co-developed by two Stuttgart-based companies softSCIENCE GbR (www.soft-science.de) and hive01 gmbh (hive01.com). It is co-managed by Karlitschek, Timo Hallek and Sven Weber.

When photos are posted, they land on the home page of Camheroes, where the latest post is displayed at the top, with "older " photos of other users below it. Your photo is also displayed on your profile page (or personal photo diary, as it's called on Camheroes).

"Users can select who they want to see their photos on Camheroes. They could even select to keep their online photo diaries private. Then no-one else has access to their diaries," said Hallek.

Weber says the initial reaction to the live, online photo diary has been very good. "Photos are already rolling in from all over the world. Someone even said, Camheroes is the new Twitter - just better," he says.

Every user gets his own domain. For instance, John will get the domain john.camheroes.com. And there is no limit to the number of photos users may post. Development and operational costs will be covered by selling advertising space on the site.

"We tried to keep everything as simple as possible. From setting up a diary on Camheroes, to downloading the free iPhone application, and posting photos to the portal - all these things can be done with a few clicks," said Hallek, who is already working on new features for the portal, in response to feedback received from users.

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