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Extend you website, shop or portal with social community features or build a complete new platform around social networking and user generated content.

community and social commerce module
  • first class user management. user registration, e-mail confirmation routine, profile edit, privacy settings, user profile pages, avatar pictures, user scores and levels, password recovery, permission system for different user rights. user administration backend.
  • secure upload and download system for items such as pictures, videos or other documents. users can share their content with their friends and the rest of the world. all uploads can be rated and tagged by other users. it´s possible to have an optional content approval workflow and content signing for maximum security.
  • news management. all users, with the required rights, can post news stories on the website. a story can contain several text blocks, pictures and links. It´s possible to use an optional approval workflow before publishing the story if several different levels of editors exist.
  • social networking. users of the website can become friends with other users. a secure approval process is used here. the users can manage their friends in heir personal friends list.
  • poll and link management. users, with the required rights, can post links and surveys on the site.
  • subscriptions. all users can subscribe contents to get notifications if something interesting is happening with this content. the user can get an email notification if a content is updated or somebody posted a comment.
  • quick search and advanced search engine. all content on the site is easily searchable. users can search for a specific keyword or use the advanced search to enter more advanced search queries. it´s possible to search for a specific content type, description text, user, license or other attributes.
  • personalized social news stream. All the activities are listed in the personal news stream of the user and in the stream of his/her friends. So every user can see what´s happening in his/her social network. a user sees all the microblogging messages, if someone visits his/her profilepage, sends a message, post something in a group, voted on something, became a friend with someone or any other interesting event.
  • SEO optimisation The site structure and urls are optimized for searchengine like Google to make the site more relevant.
  • captchas support. captcha images are used on all the important places to prevent spam on rthe site.
  • OpenID support
  • high performance caching system and automatic database cleaning
  • master slave cluster system and performance monitoring
  • statistical and tracking system. optinal integration of a third party tracking system like Google Analytics.
add-on module
  • micro payment and app store functionality. users can sell and buy all kinds of digital content. payment is done via an internal points system or paypal. the buyers get automatically generated invoices and the seller has access to reports.
  • donation system. users can donate money to other users if they like their work.
  • groups. users can create groups and invite people into this groups for discussions. groups can be public or private.
  • microblogging and status messages. users can post short messages and status updates. their friends and followers see the updates in their activity stream. posting and reading of status updates is also possible via the REST API.
  • chat system. users see when their friends are online and can start a chat session with them. filetransfer, audio and video chat and public chat rooms are also available.
  • event system. user can announce events and invite people. users can also search for interesting events in their region. users get notification in their activity stream if one of their friends attend an event.
  • career module. users can post their CV if they are looking for a job. companies can post job offers and an inteligent algorithm matches the people with the companies.
  • news, blog, RSS and social media aggregator. users can add their blog rss feed and twitter/Facebook ids to the site. the websites aggregates all the news on a social news webpage. The stories are ordered by user votings, user scores and keywords. pictures can be extracted and are visitble as thumbnails
  • knowledge base system for question and answers. users can post questions with pictures and text. other users can answer this questions and vote for the most interesting question. comments are also supported.
  • guestbook. every user can activate a guestbook or personal wall where other users can post comments.
  • Facebook app. if a user install a free facebook app all the activities are pushed to his/her facebook activity stream.
  • Twitter Integration. All content updates are pushed to Twitter. Users can also import their Twitter feed and integreate it with their activity stream.
  • ad server with geoip banner rotation and tracking system
  • e-mail notifications. users get email notifications for new messages, updates of their favourite contents or other interesting events.
  • newsletter system. user can subscribe to a regular personalized newsletter which gives them new and interesting informations from their social network.
  • contact extension. users can send feedback with a contact form. the information is send via email to the webmaster and olso stores in an contact database with a powerful webinterface
  • RSS import/export. all RSS feed can be imported and displayed. All information and content can be exported via RSS
  • webservice interface and public REST API (a public web service interface for third party applications and websites)
blog, comment and forum module
  • personal user websites on subdomains. users can create their own personal webpage at the url <username>.website.com. The user can choose from different templates and show his/her profile and content on the page.
  • blogs. all users can create a personal blog, post stories and pictures and show the post to their friends. the blog posts are available on an personal RSS feed.
  • modular threaded comments system. it´s possible to attach a comments to all contents on the website. the comments can have a subject and a rich text body, an emoticon icon and a signature. user can rate comments from other users. so spam is easy to recognise and automatically filtered out. administrators can moderate and delete comments.
  • forum system. a complete forum system including sub forums and threaded comments is supported.
  • user to user messaging system. users can send personal messages to other users and manage sent and received messages in folders. A user gets a notification if a new messages arrives.
  • location based services. users can set their location search for people in their region or see where their friends are.
  • invite / tell a friend. users can invite their friends or send links to interesting pages. This works for users who are already a member of the website or for not registered users.
The system is multi-client, multi-language capable and highly scalable.

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