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social recommendation engine
predic plus is a next generation recommendation system. It recommends products, people and all kinds of contents to you visitors or customers. It´s doing this by using way more data than conventional recommendation systems.

Possible data sources are:
  • Shopping baskets
  • Ratings/Comments
  • Notepads
  • Interests of the user via Facebook Connect
  • Facebook Instant Personalization
  • Likes of products from other websites
  • Amazon Wishlists
  • Geolocation
  • RSS feeds, Twitter, and other social date sources
Because of that predic plus can answer more questions than other systems and can answer them better:
  • Customers who bought this also bought that
  • People from my city also bought that
  • Interesting products for today (weather, breaking news, birthday of a friend, ...)
  • Most popular product in my group
  • My friends like
  • Other customers with my interests also like
  • My best friend likes

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